Dodgson Roundelay and Divertissement preview at Barnes church (04/04/16)

In preparation of the recordings of Stephen Dodgson’s Roundelay and Divertissement we are including them in a performance at Barnes Methodist Church.

Roundelay is a work first written for the National Youth Guitar Ensemble and showcases a solo cello. Cellist Evva Mizerska joins us for this concert and recording and has long been a proponent of Dodgson’s music, recording many of his works previously. The work is intensely lyrical and expressive whilst still maintaining a rhythmic excitement and momentum throughout.

Divertissement is a rarely performed work for guitar ensemble and violin. Perhaps it is rarely performed as the violin part is extremely challenging but guest violinist Hartmut Richter performs it with supreme virtuosity and control to give a definitive performance of the work. The ensemble calls for a bass guitar so we are very lucky to have the fantastic musician Michael Butten join us on the octave classical bass guitar.

We will also perform some more of Dodgson’s guitar quartets and our regular program to create a full concert.



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