Handel Hendrix ‘Mind the Gap’ Concert (31/08/16)

We are really excited about our program for this already sold-out concert.

Beginning with the Baroque we will start with our arrangement of J.S. Bach’s Organ Fugue BWV 578, a mini masterwork where each of the four fugal ‘voices’ are realised between the four guitars.

We then have a piece that is very special to us, Stephen Dodgson’s Change-Ringers. Its English modernism is sometimes angular and dissonant, then sometimes pastoral in sound, like a modern watercolour of the Thames at Barnes.

Philip Houghton’s Opals is an audience favourite and ours too. Philip has become a fan of the quartet loving our Opals videos, “The Mēla quartet play my work ‘Opals’ with brilliance and poetry.”

César Franck’s Prélude, Fugue et Variation is one of the highlights of the program with a poignant, melancholic melody that you’ll be humming for days afterward.

We will play a short Brazilian set of Uarekena by Sergio Assad, and Agua Y Vinho and Baião Malandro by Egberto Gismonti. Visit our video page to hear the quartet play Agua Y Vinho live for ‘Sofar Sounds’ from July 2016.

We finish the program with Pluck, strum, and hammer by Bryan Johanson, the piece that we opened up the new Handel-Hendrix performing space with back in May 2016. Pluck, strum, and hammer is a homage to Jimi Hendrix and is inspired by the fact Hendrix had lived next door to the Baroque composer Handel on Brook Street in Mayfair, separated by one wall and over 200 years. Johanson juxtaposes Hendrix’s first hit single Hey Joe with Handel’s first published work, 12 Sonatas for recorder, Op.1. He describes the quotes as “passing each other in the score like two good neighbours passing each other on the street. The work is in a single mercurial movement and celebrates a groove-based freewheeling guitar style”.

As this concert is already sold-out we hope to see you at the next one!




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