Handel Hendrix New Room Concert (25/05/16)

It is quite an honour to be asked to perform in the opening of the new performing space at the Handel & Hendrix museum. On the program are the quartet and the amazing soprano Rowan Pierce singing Handel with Harpsichord accompaniment.

We have found the perfect piece for the Handel-Hendrix house; Pluck, strum, and hammer by the American guitarist/composer Bryan Johanson. Pluck, strum, and hammer is a homage to Jimi Hendrix and is inspired by the fact Hendrix had lived next door to the Baroque composer Handel on Brook Street in Mayfair, separated by one wall and over 200 years. Johanson juxtaposes Hendrix’s first hit single Hey Joe with Handel’s first published work, 12 Sonatas for recorder, Op.1. He describes the quotes as “passing each other in the score like two good neighbours passing each other on the street. The work is in a single mercurial movement and celebrates a groove-based freewheeling guitar style”.

Hendrix is a hero of the quartet and it has been a privilege to have a sneak peak at the recreation of Hendrix’s flat!

We will be back to play a full concert in August 2016.




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